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We provide the full range of services in genealogy research:
- definition and detection the information sources (parish records, census materials etc.), that may contain necessary information;
- data array volume determination from the detected information sources for the further detailed research;
- necessary information research on the base of found out sources and available data array;
- additional detailed research on the base of already received data in regard to the facts of particular interest;
- copying the documents, conteining necessary information (digital photo);
- genealogical tree drafting;
- completion statement and results of research, including complete list of information sources, places (address) of their storage, found out information (its exposition on paper and/or in non-legible form), our comments to the exposed information, versions and etc.; if it is necessary, photocopy of documents, genealogical trees may also be included.
Additional services:
1. Related to the genealogical subject, for example:
- interrogation of witnesses about some concrete facts or events (camera shooting and audio recording);
- photographing of relatives, resident in geographically remote localities;
- photographing of memorable places, burial places and monuments, to the dead relatives etc.
2. Localities documents research, their history, known personalities etc.
3. Documents translation into Ukrainian, Russian or English.
From our part we guarantee the code of ethics observation in connection with the specific of work, including nondisclosure of some information about the motion and results of research, without preliminary consent of the customer.
An order (separate stages) processing terms and algorithm accord with customer in mode of dialog by phone or e-mail.

You can contact with us by e-mail: and also by the phone: +380661609076

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